05 Octobre 2021 – Speak and Spell album by Depeche Mode – 40th anniversary

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Today marks the 40th anniversary of @depechemode’s debut album ‘Speak & Spell’, a debut that would pave the way for one of music’s great journeys 🦢 Which track here do you go back to more than any other?

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Depeche Mode – 1981 – Speak And Spell


New Life
I sometimes wish I was dead
Boys say go!
What’s your name?
Big Muff
Any second Now (voices)
Just can’t get enough
Extra tracks on CD:
Dreaming of me
Ice Machine
Any second now
Just can’t get enough (schizo mix)

Singles :

  • Dreaming Of Me / Ice Machine (février 1981)
  • New Life / Shout (juin 1981)
  • Just Can’t Get Enough / Any Second Now (août 1981).

Depeche Mode, October 6th ,1981 (Speak and Spell LP) by Anton Corbijn


Date anniversaire de ces photos faite par Anton Corbijn en 1981 pour les débuts du groupe avec leur premier album : Speak and Spell, il les retrouvera plus tard et deviendra leur directeur visuel à partir de 1986… jusqu’à aujourd’hui…

Back in 1981 at this same exat date ( October -th 1981) Anton Corbijn made those pictures of Depeche Mode to promote the release of their first and new album Speak and Spell, they were used for NME. They got back in touch in 1986 and became since that time their visual director until now.