20200118 – Depeche Mode et Nine Inch Nails rentrent au rock’n’roll hall of fame 2020



Even though it may not change a lot for bands I like a lot like Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails they somehow deserve some recognition from their pairs .i know some say fuck it they didn’t need it until then , but somehow yes for both of their whole careers they’re among the great ones .I’m also pleased to see Alan Wilder and Vince Clarke are included in that recognition because they did a lot to what Depeche Mode is today ( hard to say the same for NIN as Trent Reznor was always the mastermind and in control of NIN music)

Fr: au final je suis content que des groupes que j’adore tel que Depeche Mode et Nine Inch Nails reçoivent un prix de reconnaissance pour leur carrière et leur musique 🎵. Certains disent qu’ils n’en ont rien à foutre, certes ils n’ont pas besoin d’un prix pour justifier de leur carrière ou de leur succès mais cela fait quand même plaisir au final . Petite cerise sur le gâteau pour Depeche Mode le fait d’inclure Alan Wilder et Vince Clarke pour ce prix est important car ils ont fortement contribué au succès du groupe et de la où ils en sont aujourd’hui. Je ne dirais pas la même chose pour Nine Inch Nails car malgré les différences de composition du groupe à travers les années c’est bien sous la vision et le contrôle de Trent Reznor que tout se fait. Alors bravo à eux.

20160123 – Inspiration Through Angels & Ghosts: From the Road with Dave Gahan & Soulsavers | Live Nation TV

« With this music I was able to dig in places I couldn’t before. »

Stepping into the spotlight was not the easiest move for Dave Gahan. Of course he’s been strutting around as the singer of Depeche Mode for the better part of 40 years, but with Soulsavers Gahan takes control of the music in the studio as well as on the stage, and the fear and thrill of total ownership is not lost to him.

After two solo records—2003’s Paper Monsters and 2007’s Hourglass—Gahan teamed up with the UK production duo Soulsavers (Rich Machin and Ian Glover) in 2012 for their first collaborative LP, The Light the Dead See. This year, the three saints of sweeping British electronic pop released Angels & Ghosts, a gorgeous, spacious, gospel-tinged album that showcases Gahan’s ability to craft songs that fit right into his shiny, leather pockets. While there’s a spartan quality to the album, learning how to perform these songs live required the use of a 10-member band that includes members of Spirtualized and Porno for Pyros.

On the latest episode of From The Road, Gahan and Soulsavers take us into rehearsals, where Gahan details the struggles of creating music and the various angels and ghosts that have kept both Soulsavers and Depeche Mode going all these years.

Source : Inspiration Through Angels & Ghosts: From the Road with Dave Gahan & Soulsavers | Live Nation TV

20160114 – News : Basildon’s Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan inspired by Bowie (From Echo)

DEPECHE Mode frontman Dave Gahan, has always cited David Bowie’s music as an influence.

The Thin White Duke’s seminal late Seventies albums – Heroes and Low in particular – clearly had a deep effect on the Basildon band, which transformed themselves from hit making synth poppers to stadium rock giants.

Gahan cited Bowie’s influence on his work with Depeche Mode and as a solo artist prior to the release of his album with Soulsavers in September last year. At the time, he said: “David Bowie is the one artist, I would say, who for many decades has always surprised me and also lifted me. I have complete identification with his voice and his melodies.”

Source : Basildon’s Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan inspired by Bowie (From Echo)

Pimpf additional info : At the beginning of Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan was recruited to be the singer of the band by performing a cover of David Bowie’s « Heroes »

20160103 – Dave Gahan, affranchi de Depeche Mode

En signant Angels & Ghosts, élaboré avec le groupe Soulsavers, le chanteur de la formation anglaise a trouvé un souffle nouveau.

Chanteur d’un des groupes britanniques les plus populaires des trente-cinq dernières années, Dave Gahan s’épanouit autant en jouant les bêtes de scène dans les stades qu’en livrant des projets musicaux plus modestes. En l’absence de disque ou de tournée de Depeche Mode, il a poursuivi cette année une aventure entamée en 2012 avec la formation Soulsavers.

De simple invité sur …

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Dave Gahan and Soulsavers Illuminate New York City in ‘Shine’ Video | Rolling Stone

Depeche Mode singer basks in the glow of small scenes of city life

Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan basks in the illustrious, inspiring light of New York City in the new video for « Shine, » off his album with production duo Soulsavers, Angels and Ghosts.

The clip cuts between myriad NYC moments and Gahan and model Rebekah Underhill sauntering around a room beautifully lit by dangling filament bulbs. It’s a simple set of visuals, but Gahan’s chilling vocals and the song’s smoldering guitar pair perfectly with shots of chess players and painters in Washington Square park and a couple gazing across the Hudson river at sunset.

Shine » opens Angels and Ghosts, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, Gahan said the melody and loose lyrical idea came to him after a Depeche Mode concert in Berlin.

« It was one of those nights where, on the stage, everything just felt great, » he said. « When I got back to the hotel that night, this melody was spinning around in my head. I threw it into my phone and when [Soulsavers’] Rich [Machin] sent me that guitar, I remembered this thing, and the two just came together very fast. ‘Shine’ really set the record up, so we made it the first song. »

Angels and Ghosts, released in October, serves as an extension of Gahan and Soulsavers’ 2012 collaboration, The Light the Dead See. While Depeche Mode have been enjoying a short break, Gahan said he and Martin Gore were interested in making another record, and added, « sometime next year I wouldn’t be surprised if we were back in the studio. »
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Source : Dave Gahan and Soulsavers Illuminate New York City in ‘Shine’ Video | Rolling Stone