Dave Gahan and Soulsavers Illuminate New York City in ‘Shine’ Video | Rolling Stone

Depeche Mode singer basks in the glow of small scenes of city life

Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan basks in the illustrious, inspiring light of New York City in the new video for « Shine, » off his album with production duo Soulsavers, Angels and Ghosts.

The clip cuts between myriad NYC moments and Gahan and model Rebekah Underhill sauntering around a room beautifully lit by dangling filament bulbs. It’s a simple set of visuals, but Gahan’s chilling vocals and the song’s smoldering guitar pair perfectly with shots of chess players and painters in Washington Square park and a couple gazing across the Hudson river at sunset.

Shine » opens Angels and Ghosts, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, Gahan said the melody and loose lyrical idea came to him after a Depeche Mode concert in Berlin.

« It was one of those nights where, on the stage, everything just felt great, » he said. « When I got back to the hotel that night, this melody was spinning around in my head. I threw it into my phone and when [Soulsavers’] Rich [Machin] sent me that guitar, I remembered this thing, and the two just came together very fast. ‘Shine’ really set the record up, so we made it the first song. »

Angels and Ghosts, released in October, serves as an extension of Gahan and Soulsavers’ 2012 collaboration, The Light the Dead See. While Depeche Mode have been enjoying a short break, Gahan said he and Martin Gore were interested in making another record, and added, « sometime next year I wouldn’t be surprised if we were back in the studio. »
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Source : Dave Gahan and Soulsavers Illuminate New York City in ‘Shine’ Video | Rolling Stone

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