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France’s Thin-Model Ban Would Include Jail Time, Major Fines


Many cities and countries with significant fashion industries, including Madrid, Israel and N.Y.C., have implemented or considered implementing bans on underweight or underage models — which usually are halfheartedly enforced for a few months before the industries move on to the next outrage. But France is the first country to take its (just-approved) ban very seriously, including a number of measures to see that lawbreakers are punished.

According to a bill passed by the lower house of France’s Parliament Friday, models would be required to present bills of health listing their body mass index (BMI) as greater than 18 before they could be hired for a job, and they would be required to maintain that weight for a few weeks afterward. Casting directors at agencies or companies knowingly hiring underweight models could be imprisoned for up to six months or fined 75,000 euros (about $82,000).

Other measures proposed include punishments…

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B.B. King Hospitalized Near Las Vegas Home


Legendary blues musician B.B. King, 89, has been hospitalized at a medical center near his Las Vegas home, PEOPLE has confirmed.

King was rushed to the hospital over the weekend due to dehydration from his Type II diabetes, TMZ reports.

News of King’s hospitalization comes less than a year after the singer cancelled the remainder of his tour because of health problems.

« Mr. King did not feel well enough to continue his performance last night, Oct. 3, 2014, at the House of Blues in Chicago, » read a statement on King’s website posted Oct. 4. « He was immediately evaluated by a doctor and diagnosed with dehydration and suffering from exhaustion whereby causing the eight remaining shows of his current tour to be cancelled. »

But it didn’t take long for King – who was also hospitalized in 2007 – to address his fans directly after his tour was cancelled.

« I’m back…

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