Bunny and Bettie: The Photographer Who Immortalized a ’50s Sex Goddess


She was your basic gorgeous postwar blond: long-limbed and bosomy, with an inviting smile framed by cascading hair. Getting plenty of work as a cheesecake model (no nudity, please) in Miami in the late ’40s, she was almost Marilyn before Marilyn.

But what Bunny Yeager really wanted to do was direct — go behind the camera to take alluring pictures of other women, usually undressed. So in 1953 she took a night class in photography. Yeager’s timing was exquisite: this was just when a young Chicagoan named Hugh Hefner was making female nudity acceptable to the mainstream with a Monroe centerfold in the first issue of his Playboy magazine. And just when an out-of-work actress named Bettie Page was ready for her glamour closeup.

Jungle BettieAmerican pin-up model Bettie Page feeds a young Eland calf while on a modeling assignment at Africa USA, a wildlife park in Boca Raton, Fl.Bunny…

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