Un petit moment de rire et humour pour se changer les idées

Un petit best of de l’émission juste pour rire du Québec, les sketchs sont plutôt drôles 🙂


What’s Desperately Needed in Sex Education Today


Most sex education messages in the U.S. go to great pains to elide one basic truth: that sex can be an incredible, pleasurable experience. In theory, that’s to avoid encouraging young people to have sex, but what it does in practice is deprive us all of the expectation that sex should be great. And increase the odds that the sex we do have will live down to those suppressed expectations. When we don’t expect sex to be a mutually satisfying experience shared by two people, it leaves us vulnerable to some truly poisonous alternative ideas, including the stubborn myth that sex is a precious commodity that men acquire from women.

Under this paradigm, women’s bodies are a means to an end for men, whether that end is physical gratification, validation of their masculinity, or both. For women, that means that sex may be about us, but it’s not for us…

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Be Glad You’re Not a Beijing Commuter

ça doit leur faire rire nos « bouchons » dans les transports en commun en Europe.


Fed up with your commute? Be thankful you don’t live in Beijing.

Chinese officials this week stepped up security at subway stations across the Chinese capital, leaving commuters languishing in epic (read: even longer than usual) lines. The airport-like security measures come after last week’s deadly attack in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang’s Uighur Autonomous Region, and a week before the politically sensitive 25th anniversary of the massacre in Tiananmen Square. The checks meant many waited 20 to 30 minutes before they could start their commutes, which are often an hour or longer.

Although the queues will no doubt test nerves in the capital, Beijing’s subway goers ought to spare a thought for the good people of Xinjiang. Security in the region is tight at the best of times, with police trucks parked near parks and public spaces and armed guards patrolling train stations. With the government promising a…

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