This Woman Has Amassed More Than 500k Views On YouTube With Her Topless Chef Videos


Marilyn Monroe and Marlene Dietrich



In 1958, Life Magazine invited Marilyn Monroe and photographer Richard Avedon to recreate images of five celebrated actresses of different eras, one of these was Marlene Dietrich. Entitled “Fabled Enchantresses,” the piece was part of the magazine’s December 22 “Christmas” issue and included an article by Marilyn’s playwright husband, Arthur Miller, entitled “My Wife, Marilyn.”

Avedon found in Marilyn an easy subject to work with, “She gave more to the still camera than every other actress – every other woman – I had the opportunity to photograph…” He added that she was more patient with him and more demanding of herself than others and that she was more comfortable in front of the camera than when not posing.

Marlene Dietrich was born on December 27, 1901 in Berlin Germany. Her real name was Maria Magdalene Dietrich and she took up acting in her late teens. After failing an audition with…

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‘It’s Hard Work’: Watch Modern Kids Attempt to Use VCRs

the same will happen in few years with physical supports like DVD & Blu-ray 🙂


Most of us remember the days when watching a movie meant driving to Blockbuster, renting a tape, bringing it home, watching it on a VCR and then driving back to Blockbuster to return it. Most of today’s kids, however, have had access to DVD and Blu-ray players — not mention Netflix and Hulu — for most of their lives, so VCRs are a totally foreign phenomenon.

In the latest installment of the « Kids React » YouTube series, children ages 6 to 12 are seated in front of an old TV, a VCR and a pile of VHS tapes. Then they attempt to operate them. Naturally, it doesn’t go very well.

« This is so bad, » one kid says while eyeing the VCR, « I’m just gonna barf. »

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