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Americans Are Watching More Streaming Video and Less Live TV


American families are increasingly turning to subscription-based video-on-demand or streaming services like Netflix to watch their favorite TV shows, a new report from Nielsen says.

The report shows that more than 40% of American homes used a streaming service as of November 2014 and 13% of U.S. homes had multiple streaming services. Overall, American adults spent four hours and 51 minutes watching live TV each day in 2014, which is down from the five hours and four minutes they watched during the same period in 2013.

Among the 40% of households that used streaming services, 36% used Netflix, 13% used Amazon Prime and 6.5% used Hulu Plus.

American households that used streaming services were also likely to be more plugged in overall with above average use of HD services, Smart TVs, DVRs, video game consoles and multiple PCs and tablets, the report shows.

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