20150328 – Musiques / Vidéo : Playlist Années 80 / 80’s playlist of the day


EN : Just made a small playlist of songs cast on my tv through my google chromecast, just sharing some of those 80’s hits with you

FR : j’en ai profité de faire une petite sélection de tube des années 80 que je diffusais sur ma télé via ma clé Chromecast ( ce qui a bien fait chanter et danser notre petit P Junior d’ailleurs, trop marrant 😉 ) je vous partage ma sélection de la journée !

Enjoy !

Pop! Television: Battlestar Galactica in May

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There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians or the Toltecs or the Mayans. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive somewhere beyond the heavens.

From the Twelve Colonies of Mankind… Funko brings us Battlestar Galactica Pop! Join Commander Adama and his fleet to find the long-lost thirteenth tribe of humanity!

Pop! Television: Battlestar Galactica is out from Funko this May.

Pop! Television Battlestar Galactica Capt ApolloPop! Television Battlestar Galactica Commander AdamaPop! Television Battlestar Galactica Cylon CenturionPop! Television Battlestar Galactica Lt Starbuck

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