20161110 – Is Fox Considering A Soft Reboot Of The X-MEN Franchise? Plus Updates On DEADPOOL, X-FORCE & More

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Fox’s X-Men franchise has had a few setbacks lately, with Bryan Singer’s Apocalypse underperforming, many of their core cast members coming to the end of their contracts, and most recently, director Tim Miller departing Deadpool 2. Has all of this led the studio to consider some kind of reboot? That’s what THR suggests in a new report.

According to the site, Fox plans to « reconfigure » the X-Universe. Apparently this means Singer will not return, but Simon Kinberg – who is already working on a new script – will stick around. Word is the new story is being written « with Lawrence, Fassbender and McAvoy optimistically in mind, » so this clearly wouldn’t be a full reboot.

From the sounds of things, however, the planned spinoffs will remain largely unaffected. Fox is currently scrambling to replace Miller on the Deadpool sequel, but insiders reckon they have so much faith in the property…

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