20170205 – News : It Turns Out Batman and Superman Both Oppose Trump’s Refugee Ban | Unicorn Booty

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In case you were wondering how the world’s most famous heroes feel about Donald Trump’s Muslim refugee ban, we’ve uncovered the answer

Now more than ever, the world needs a superhero or two. Unfortunately for us, Batman and Superman—two characters of the DC Universe originally created in the 1930s—are far from real. Still, for decades they have stood for all that is right in the world: truth (secret identities notwithstanding), fairness and good old-fashioned justice (violence occasionally required).

In case you were wondering how two of the world’s most famous heroes feel about Donald Trump’s recent Muslim refugee/immigrant ban, our friends at Comic Book Resources uncovered the answer!

It was 1949, following WWII, when DC Comics placed the below PSA in its comic books. As any history buff could tell you, that was a time (much like today) when the country was dealing with refugees coming into the States from war-torn nations.

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